EWF14 Panel: Funny how? How am I Funny?

What the program said:
Why are so many young writers caught up with being so serious? These writers talk about navigating the world of seriousness in literary publishing, while making people laff it up. Featuring Michelle Law, Zoe Norton Lodge and Oliver Mol.

Although I am a comedian and comedy addict, I am always interested in the other views of comedy writers within the industry. I came away with the impression that they all wrote comedy for a very similar reason I write it: because it is an honest way to deal with issues that may be painful to talk about. You have the ability to share information in a funny way.

All the panelists agreed that when writing comedy, because comedy is subjective that you must find someone who is on you wave-length when it comes to tastes in comedy. This is because there are sometimes taboo topics that may be covered, and when you cannot bounce off each other than it is likely that the joke will fall flat on the audience.

For me, comedy is truth and to continually push the line the job of the comedy writer. By doing this it will open up the conversation, make it not a shameful thing but a real thing that happens. However, I do undertake all my writings with the mindset of what is my intent of these jokes?, am I setting out to cause someone pain? or am I just wanting to entertain people?

As with any genre, it is important to note who has come before you, in the comedy industry – no idea is new, the only spin you have to an issue is your opinion and outlook.

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