The silver fox of the team is a ‘domestic short hair but I suspect part Russian Blue’ named Ted. He is the first kitten I have ever had and has been around since June 2019.

Though the youngest member, Ted has taken it upon himself to designate himself: The Fateful Head Guard of the Writer.

He marches up and down my desk and perches himself on the desktop file organiser and makes sure no one will disturb me when I am writing.

Since getting a new desk chair Ted as taken it upon himself to claim the old one. Every morning, as I sit myself at my desk, after getting his morning zoomies out he jumps up on his chair. He stays there all morning and only moves when he wants his first (of 2) walks outside.

Personally, though he looks and sounds like a cat – I think I adopted a part dog. He likes his daily walks around the yard, playing in water and when he doesn’t get enough attention – well then I pay. So in order to maintain a happy relationship – we have an agreement drawn up.

Since Nellie’s retirement from writing buddy status – Ted has fully embraced his new role with commitment and passion. Though at times can get distracted.

He has even found the time to start his own newsletter – which I write up for him because he has no thumbs.

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