As people don’t usually like writing about sections, Tansy has chosen for me to do it.

Hi, I’m Ted, one of her cats and this is her story.

My mum has been writing for longer than I have been alive. When she isn’t paying me her undivided attention and love, she is at the laptop writing. Whether it be adding to her Zettelkasten, writing articles on Medium or working on her novel, she always has words on the brain.

Nellie, my adoptive sister, tells me that she lived in Melbourne for five years studying. First, she studied to be a library technician. After completing that she studied a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at Swinburne TAFE. That was when she was adopted from Tansy’s mum and moved in with her.

As well as writing, Tansy also enjoys, watching and listening to true crime shows, seeing stand-up comedy, gaming and reading.

Though writing has always been there, since 2020 it has moved to the front and she is enjoying it more and more.


I met Tansy Bradshaw while I was editor at Comedy Beast Magazine, a quarterly print magazine delivered around Melbourne. She’d contacted me to get involved with the magazine and quickly became an integral part of our team contributing to both the print magazine and online components. She wrote articles for the magazine, based on her own research and interviews. She was also invaluable as a comedy reviewer during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. Her reviews highlighted how much she had immersed herself in her writing and the comedy community, adding extra depth to her work. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tansy and all the chats we’ve had outside the scope of the magazine.
Chris Dewberry, Former editor at Comedy Beast Magazine

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