Valentine Keating and the Crutchy Push

There are some moments in your life when you stumble across something so outlandish that you question whether it can actually be real. I know this because this happened to me, around late last year while I was looking for any documents related to another story that I was researching. It was around the time... Continue Reading →

Hello again

If there is anyone out there still, I am here and I am coming back. The past year, a lot have things have changed for me. For a while, I switched from blogging to youtube, and may still do the occasional one. Then because of the major fact that I got a 6-month trial as... Continue Reading →

Review: Wuthering Heights

I tried to read this book ages ago but I think I was not mature enough to understand the content, nor was interested in it. Now as I am trying to write a gothic romance x steampunk novel, I am trying to go back and gather the mood by what has been before me. I... Continue Reading →

Novel Update: The Idea

It revolves around mechanical hearts, businesses and the turn of the 1900s. I think the idea has been mulling over in my brain subconsciously for a while now - and on a Friday night the characters saw me sitting here and thought they'd stay. I have written a very rough draft and now I am... Continue Reading →


1. What do you eat or drink while writing? I drink a ton of tea. I drink so much I am trying to split between half herbal and half white tea. I am more of an earthy tea drinker rather than rich fruits. For food, if I have snacks or stuff on the go then... Continue Reading →

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