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Crime, cats and comedy…. well mostly.

Established in 2021, but having posts dating back to the beginning of my writing life.

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Writing True Crime

You will have to forgive the lack of blog posts – I am deep into my manuscript – now knowing there is potential of it to be published. I know it will not be as big as the book I orginally imagined; however, a book of any size written is better than no book at […]

The History of the Kettle

Apart from my oats in the morning, the thing I am most looking forward to is my first cup of tea. My brew of choice is Yorkshire English Breakfast Strong. I am very lucky that I live in an age where there is electricity at a flick of a switch. When my family would visit […]

Reg Spiers: Athlete Come Drug Smugler

I love being in airports. I don’t go there often and when I did, nowadays, I would stick to the domestic side. It has been on only a very few rare occasions that I have flown international. The excitement of waiting for a your luggage to come pass you on the collection carrousel. Seeing the […]

The Long Lost Art Of Music Video Shows

Growing up in Australia, before YouTube – the weekends were always to sleep in. School wasn’t a top priority for the next two days. For other people it may have been sport or a market, for us it was music videos. In particular it was two TV shows, Rage and Video Hits that’s soul purpose […]


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