What My Reading Looked Like In 2021

I have always been interested in my reading habits. I started with Goodreads, though it still only tracks the number of books and pages you read. Then, for a while, I kept a record of my stats in The Spreadsheet of Doom created by Let’s Read. I had heard about The Storygraph but hadn’t really bothered to look into it. When I did have a glance, I knew I would like it but as it was in the beta stage – I knew it may frustrate me. So, I would wait for it to become slightly more figured out.

That was three days ago – with the start of a new year, I knew there was a whole lot of information I wanted to look at – seeing as in 2021 my reading changed dramatically as I have completely switched to only reading ebooks or audiobooks. Though some of that didn’t fully translate – due to me picking the edition not either sites fault, the statistics that I was left with were pretty interesting.

In 2021 I read 44 books which amounted to 12,677 pages. Of which, I read the least in April and June. I read more books in August but the least amount of pages, with September being the opposite. In December it was my highest reading month in the number of pages and books.

From the look at my moods that I read – there are two that take up nearly half the graph. I read 18 books that were reflective in some way and 14 were informative.

I am not sure how this graph would relate to the pace one; as you can clearly see I read way more nonfiction than fiction. The type of nonfiction I do tend to read a lot of is creative nonfiction – so that may be how I interpret the data. I also just had a thought that it could also be at the pace that you read those books – but I doubt that.

As by the number of pages per book, this seems to pretty much match what I would have thought without the data. I know that for some big books I will switch back-and-forth between ebooks and audio. I now tend to listen to fiction and read nonfiction on ebook.

If I want to add passages from my favourite fiction books to Readwise, I just get a pdf and import it with highlights that way. It may not always look the best with extra spaces but it gets the job done.

Finally, we have come to genres, and with no surprise to anyone – I read a lot of History, Crime and True Crime. This, as a self-identified murderino does not surprise me one bit. As I am going to make a conscious effort to listen to more fiction – it will be interesting to see how the stats stack up at the end of the year.

So, The Storygraph is a winner. But what does that mean for Goodreads?

I will stay now that I will be keeping my Goodreads – for now. As there are still people that I follow over there and as it is linked to my kindle – there is also that. I have seen whether I could possibly volunteer to be a librarian on The Stprygraph, as I am also one on Goodreads.

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