Mr Brady is Relatively Sexy

She’s Relatively Sexy is the debut album from Melbourne 70’s cheesy retro-pop band that was released in 2009. I must let you know that when I call this cheese I am referring to Comté, a cheese from eastern France usually used in high class restaurants.

Mr Brady is the brain child of 28 year-old John Nelder, the biggest 10CC fan that I have met to date. John also plays keyboard and sings lead vocals on the album. Graham Gouldman is cited as one of John’s biggest influences of his music and this year in April got to meet him and Paul Burgess, he described it as “…an honour to be in his presence…” on his blog [].

As soon as this album begins to play, you get a sense that there is something unique about Mr Brady. Although the

Bringing 70’s back in fashion!

 lyrics of the first song could catch you off guard that he may be a self-indulgent guy, for me I couldn’t help but agree with him. Another of my favourites is the chilled out Twenty-Five Words that has me tapping my foot. The Best Feet is a quick jig that I find always but me in a good mood, another to put in this category is Love On A Friday that I play going home on a Friday, it sets your mood ready to have a good weekend.

Although some people may not like that album, I approached it with caution as I have not really warmed to this genre, however Mr Brady has changed that as it is currently on high rotation on my iPod. Triple J has aired one track, with presenter Zan Rowe describing it as “cute and classy pop.” Beat Magazine gave the CD an honorary mention in its albums of the year column for 2009.

Catch Mr Brady at their first gig in a while on the 20th May @ The Elwood Lounge, starts at 8pm. See these guys before they split up, they are one that if you missed out you may regret.

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