TalentCake Review

I wasn’t a fan of narrative comedy, well I didn’t know much about it; but that changed this festival when I saw two TalentCake productions at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival; Orange Adventure and Comicide, written and produced by a bunch of young people based in and around Sydney.

Orange Adventure

Based around a orange juice company, this 55-minute show has all your stereotypical characters; there is the suited up manager, a marketing manager that doubles as a mole that tries to infiltrate the company but fails when she falls for the nerdy but kind scientist Giles. You would think this may cause the audience to get board; however with a well written script with a clever cast, this humble show was tucked away  neatly at RMIT Kaleide Theatre and was one of the hidden gems that I found at the festival.


Again I never had seen much sketch comedy and Comicide would be the first sketch show I saw this festival. It was twenty sketches for the hour with a DJ to spin tunes between the sketches so as not to bore the crowd. Overall, the sketches were good but I feel that it may have been an off night for the group, however it was still very enjoyable.

These two productions along with Metrosketchuals and Occupation: Ugly, were all part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, thanks to TalentCake; a Sydney based organisation that offers bands and comedians with websites and video production services. Websites start at $39 a year and for musicians there are video/dvd packages available.

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