Tipy Keyboard: First Thoughts

I grew up in the era of computers. Specifically, computers being in classrooms. As someone who has only use of one hand, and whose writing is not the greatest — computers made my life a lot easier.

Because of my stroke, I only have use of my left hand. I also had very messy handwriting — so much that instead of having to do a writing test to get my pen license, I was just given one.

With a pen, my writing improved greatly. Though my writing was still messy, it was a little bit easier for the teachers to read. There was one thing though that dictated the look of my writing, and that was that my hand got tired quickly. In primary school, it was just accepted that my writing would always be a level of illegible. In high school, I could write all my essays on my laptop.

In primary school I did the latest in assistive technology — was to do 5 Finger Typist, a now very out of date touch typing program. While it got me to where I am now, quite quick for one hand, I still have to navigate the Qwerty keyboard.

When it came to VCE — that’s when I got a scribe. As a disabled child, I have always had an integration aid. In the early days, it was because I needed assistance in the playground, in the later years their job was to take notes for me. This made writing up things easier.

When I moved to Melbourne, the laptop was my constant. Being able to take it to school, and later on, having a tablet — made things so much easier. When I did my Diploma of Writing and Editing, the tablet allowed me to keep pace — note-taking with everyone else, when a desktop wasn’t available which was rare.

Now, in 2021 — though I can still use a laptop, my writing capacity is limited by RSI strain, made worse because it is my dominant (and only) useable hand. A friend of mine happened to stumble across the Tipy Keyboard and I knew that I would want to give it a go, so I purchased it.

The only fault I can see, which isn’t a huge fault — just a lack of something — is that two keys are mixed up. Basically, because the keyboard set up is based on an English keyboard while I have an Australian keyboard. As a cause of this on the Tipy keyboard the 1 that has the @ symbol in fact elicits the double quotation marks and vice versa. This, though annoying, I will get used to and as I will only be using it.

But that is a small price to pay. I know it will take time, as I have to use it to get better, which is annoying because I want to be fast now. But at least I can still switch while I learn.


  1. Matthaeus Drory Avatar

    Nice Blog.
    Just for info. TiPY is using for Englisch the UK version, because it has the same letters and signs like the English US, Australian, etc. but also more of it. So TiPY always uses the most efficient language with the most signs and letters. In order to use englisch UK you have only to change the keyboard language on your computer not the operating system. Then there is no mix up. 🙂 https://tipykeyboard.com/en/faq-en

    Best regards

  2. Olav Avatar

    Dear Tansy,

    Did you recive your Tipy Keyboard? If so, can I trouble you for a update on how the keyboard is to use in real life?


    Fellow Tipy-customer

    1. Tansy Avatar

      Hey there,

      I actually haven’t really used it yet.

      I will do an update but as I am realising quickly… I like to type fast and my patience for not touch typing is low.

      Will keep you updated.



  3. Chelsea Avatar

    Hi Tansy,
    I’m curious if you’ve used the Tipy more since this post, and whether it has helped or hurt your RSI. The photos I’ve seen online make it look as though you have to stretch considerably to reach keys at the top of the keyboard, which I worry would contribute more to injuries. I’d love to hear any feedback from your experience!

    1. Tansy Avatar

      Hey Chelsea,

      I haven’t used it since – so to be honest, I think it was worse… mainly because I know that I would be frustraighted that it takes me longer to write. However, if someone hasn’t already figured out a workaround – it would be useful. Plus, they don’t have the Australian keyboard layout so that is also throwing me off.

      I know I will need to work out a way. I also have Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I should use more.

      Thanks for the message.

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