Thoughts on Doctor Who: Number Two

Patrick Troughton

Doctor: 1966 – 1969

First Episode: The Power of The Daleks

Finale Episode: The War Games

In total, according to Doctor Who missing episodes, there are 53 missing episodes – more than William Hartnell. When I started getting into Classic Who, Patrick Troughton was my favourite doctor, though, he isn’t now that I have seen a lot more episodes that is not the case. Nevertheless, I still love his doctor’s quirky weirdness.

It is hard to go fully into what I remember about the doctor of this era, as with over half of his episodes gone – it is hard to get a full picture of The Second Doctor as a character.

What I do remember though is that it was this doctor that introduced me to the cybermen – which were quite a sight to behold, after seeing the modern versions. At the time, we were at David Tennant’s incarnation of The Doctor.

There is something that sets this doctor apart from every other doctor – his regeneration into the third doctor does not happen on screen. It is handled off stage and implied by his disorientated state at the end of his last episode of The War Games.

He was introduced to me by fellow Doctor Who expert Robert Lloyd, it is him that I point to when people asked me who got me into Classic Who and influenced me when it came to choosing Jon Pertwee as my favourite classic doctor.

Overall, the little that I have seen of Patrick Troughton helped me get into Classic Who, which I am forever thankful for.

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