The Me in Timelord

So, tonight marked my first lot of shows that I plan to see at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011. I went with my friend to see the longest running SiFi character be put on trial by his No. 1 fan…. apparently…. I am making a pop cultured reference to Robert Lloyd’s 1 man show entitled: Who, Me.

For the forth time, Doctor Who is being put on trial, accused of ruining Robert Lloyd’s life and whether it is a good or bad thing?

The show starts with a weird state of the ending at the beginning, however for Doctor Who fans who are aware that time can go forward and backward, left and right… so this isn’t really a problem. Robert Lloyd’s enthusiasm and energy that he puts into expressing what The Doctor has done for him… the only equivalent of how big his fan boy obsession goes is John Barrowman’s song; The Doctor and I; is amazing and you can see the pure joy and thrill in his voice realizing that he is not ‘the last of his kind’.

Rob guides us through the trail where the audience is the jury.

Rob Lloyd and I

He delves into the darker side of Doctor Who and makes us look at who we are actually looking up to may not be the best person, if only for a second.

For nerds, it does not just mention Doctor Who; he also talks about his other nerd obsessions. It went Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes (in which he did a show about last year) and Doctor Who. There are references to what happens at nerd parties and the way you were treated by what nerd thing you followed.

This is a show for all nerds, about acceptance and not letting “… the bastards make you cry…”

For me, there is only one way that I think sums up Robert Lloyd: he puts the me in Timelord.



Fringe Hub – Meeting Room – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall

521 Queensberry St
North Melbourne

Location Map

Wheelchair Accessible


Tram: 57, Stop: 12

Melways: 2A J10


8.00pm, Sun 7.00pm (50min)


Full Price: $ 25.00
Concession: $ 20.00
Tuesday: $ 15.00

Group: $ 15.00
(per person for 6 people)

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