Rearranging References

A few months ago I said I was going to use Endnote for my book references and Paperpile for everything else. This is still the case, and I won’t be giving up on either software. However, I have made the decision to do a few extra things.

The main thing I have done is move all my book references into Paperpile. I won’t be using Paperpile to cite while writing the book, so why did I do it? Primarily for a backup of my resources. I have almost lost them once before and I don’t want to do that again.

I have had to change a few things around which will intern stuff up the actual reference – primarily for my PROV (Public Records Office of Victoria) which has a specific way of referencing archival material that I use. This is the main reason why I haven’t left Endnote completely. However, by importing the resources into my main reference manager – I also have the added advantage of being able to search throughout my entire collection.

I just enrolled in an undergraduate course. From next year I will be studying for an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. As part of the course, I need Endnote as a reference manager. The problem is that I can only sync one Endnote Library to my account. Also because the university has particular reference standards, I will be installing the Harvard Based RMIT style into my Endnote. This means that all my other references will not format properly.

Before this, I will export the style just in case it gets lost – I don’t want to go through setting the template out again.

This leaves my Crutchy Push references that I still want access to. By moving my other references synced with Paperpile – I will be able to have everything on hand, it may not be able to be cited straight away, but I can see whether I already have it at hand.

As I complete a unit of study – I will move that unit’s references over to Paperpile. I will keep them also in Endnote; however, with them in Paperpile – I can cross-reference them now with my own second brain.

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