Oliver Clark will give you Ten Thousand Kisses

When you think of comedy albums things that may spring to mind are; quirky, fast-paced, parody and not that original. Then there is Oliver Clark; smooth, charming, awkward, lascivious and endearing and that isn’t even his music. His album; Ten Thousand Kisses, is a mix of Tom Jones and a big band with snazzy tunes that you can put on and let the whole album play without skipping a song.

The first track off the album is of the same name as the title of the album. Ten Thousand Kisses is an ode to a girl being treated like a princess, however before he gets her anything she desires, he must give her ten thousand kisses. After some ballad tracks, the tempo changes for a snappy, Suit Up & Look Sharp which details how he always like to look his best in his suit, which for those interested is a double breasted blue velvet suit, complete with bow-tie.

One of my favourite songs off the album is All The Way Down, which if you had seen Oliver’s show this year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival appropriately titled, Lady Killer; you may have been one of the people that he serenaded with this song. Also check out; You Said Goodbye, Take Me To The Movies and Don’t Give Up Now.

A Memory Of You is the final track on the album, and by the end of the song all you will have left is a memory of the Clifton Hill prince charming; Mr. Oliver Clark.

Oliver Clark’s Ten Thousand Kisses is available on iTunes.

Oliver Clark plays from 9:00 till late every Wednesday night at Spleen Bar, 41 Bourke Street in Melbourne.

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