Oh To the Friends I Have Met

On Friday 13th January 2012 I said a final goodbye to a show that without, I would not be the woman I am today.

For those of you who are not Australian, Spicks and Specks was our version of UK’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks or a music quiz show of your own choosing.

I only started really watching this show in 2007 when I discovered Adam Hills and found out he had one foot. One day (in the MySpace days) I saw that a girl (lets call her H) commented on his wall thanking for meeting her again, as in a few weeks I was seeing Adam for the first time I asked her how to approach him, she said just be yourself.

So after I met him, H and I continued to talk.

We didn’t speak on the phone till one day I rang up and asked her whether she wanted to fly over (she lives in Tassie) and go to a taping. So when we rocked up and when he spotted us, Adam pointed us both out but not making the connection till later that we had come together – after we told him.

A few days later a guy named Joey emailed me and said he was the security guard of Spicks and asked us how long me and H had known each other, when I told him I met her 5 hours before the show he said we had the whole of the ABC studios fooled that we had been friends for years.

Through Spicks and Specks H and I then started talking to another girl called V.

She flew of NSW and a year later we went to see an Adam DVD taping. We met him again afterwards and got pictures taken and so on.

Since then we meet up at Comedy Festivals, seeing Adam if he is on. We have all become quite close and Adam knows that there is something more then just seeing him.

If it wasn’t for Spicks and Specks I wouldn’t have my two best friends I have ever have. I wouldn’t be who I am, ok with being disabled and ready to tell the world come with me or fuck off.



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