Obsidian: My Note Taking System

Quite a few months ago, you may remember I was singing the praises of Notion to be able to organise my life. Well, time has changed and I have realised something.

While my brain thinks in Dewey, my creative brain needs the freedom to roam… in Obsidian.

Last year I discovered the note-taking method of Zettelkasten and it has changed my life as a writer. While I love Notion for what it can do — and it can do a lot. Depending on what you want to do, there may be a better application that can work in tandem with Notion.

For me, that is Obsidian.md.

My workflow, I am still working out. I have drawn ideas from multiple users such as Brian Jenks. I am not sure whether it will remain the same — as I am still to remove some friction but at the moment it is good.

Currently, my Zettelkasten notes have just hit over 1k, so by all means my number of notes is small in comparison to some.

My graph (6th March 2021)

The above graph is the primary reason I changed my notes over to Obsidian. I can hover over any node and see what other notes it is connected to.

With the recent edition of colour filters, I can now see how many of a particular note that I have.

Notion can do so much, even notes — however; for my creativity to be able to not be restricted by relations in tables and so on. Even though Notion has backlinking now, it is restrictive in how you can view the data.

I am liking the idea of sharing my insights though.

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