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I want to listen to podcasts more than I should. However; I have to get past the issue I have with any media that I listen too — I want to take notes on everything that I listen too.

This is not helped by the fact that there are 2 methods in which I take notes for podcasts and I am not sure whether there is an easier option. Any ideas you have feel free to leave them down below.

Method # 1 — Listen via Pocketcasts and take notes manually

No matter what podcast program I try, I seem to always come back to Pocketcasts. It is very much the stock-standard app, with the ability to search the library or add your own rss feeds. On the mobile app that is different to the desktop version is that you can create playlists.

I just queue up a podcast, set it to play at 2.5x speed and open Obsidian if I am on my laptop and start to write. The alternitive is that if I was listening on the go — I would use Evernote and transfer the notes over later.

Method # 2 — Listen via Airr and import via Readwise

Before I can listen to a podcast in this app, I need to first request the transcript if someone hasn’t already done it.

Once done I listen on the app on my iPhone. The idea with Airr is that you can create snippits that are accompanied by a transcript of what was said. These are synced to Readwise and then automatically put into Obsidian.


Depending on what you like, there are pros and cons to both methods. Though I love the fact that I can snip a podcast there are a few drawbacks with Airr.

  • Cross-compatability: as someone who uses both Windows and IOS, I like my programs to be cross platform, Airr at the moment isn’t
  • Airr only has a iPhone app with no iPad compatible version yet — you can install the current version on ipad but it isn’t scaled properly
  • Not as big of library as Pocketcasts — and though you can add via RSS, I have had trouble with importing the artwork
  • You cannot create playlists with Airr

Though great for some, I think after writing this I have answered my own question. Though it may take longer — Pocketcasts is more versatile and reliable. That is not to say that Airr won’t come back in my life, but for now I need to stick to what is useful for me.

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