My Loki Finale Theory

I have always wanted to be the one who had a theory – their own theory of what would happen. One that I think up all on my own, not one that I got from a friend or read on the internet. Well, I have just finished watching the Loki, season one finale. I was talking with a friend throughout the last episode and at the ending, like them, I was confused. Confused, for only a moment. As I looked at the background of the view of the archives, my eyes fell upon the letters ‘MSL’ in the background – and then everything clicked for me.


So, we have the understand that the main timeline is so Kang can have sole rule over everything. That by keeping the one timeline, he stopped thousands of other versions of himself – therefore stopping the war. My theory begins at the point of his death.

When Loki first falls into what we think is the TVA, we assume it is the same one. As Loki runs through the buildings, we see things that don’t make sense; guards not noticing him, the clock having multiple hands. My friend was confused by the ending, when Loki comes up to the guard and Mobius – who doesn’t recognise him.

Here is my theory: It is the same Loki; however, it isn’t the same Mobius at the end. It is a one in a parallel universe.

What tipped me off was the letters of the floors of the archives. In episode 2, the letters of the floors are TSY, TE7, 372 and GF3. In episode 6, the letters in the background are MSL, DHF, LK3 and 2W1. Now, you could say that it could be another part of the archives. If that was the case, then why is it that the big statue of the three Time Keepers is replaced by a single giant statue of Kang?

My friend was impressed that I noticed the letters. To me, I couldn’t not ‘not’ notice them. As someone who is dealing with achieved information – I know that everything has a place. Finally, for those who don’t know, I am a trained library technician – I organise my digital files by Dewey Decimal. I notice where letters are and when they do not match.

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