Loving Dewey: From a Librarian’s POV

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I; like many others are fans of Dewey, a ginger cat that captured the heart of head Spencer, Iowa librarian Vicki Myron. I also have two cats of my own that because of study I am far away from and miss them.

I first picked Dewey up not because he was a cat but because he was a library cat. That is the reason I love the books so much – I am training to be a librarian and not only do I want a cat in my library but I one day want to become the librarian Vicki once was. I also believe in connects and was shaken yet honoured when I discovered the other day that Dewey and I share the same birth date: 18th November.

Dewey Readmore Books was his official name that the townspeople gave him. Found in the library return shoot on a freezing cold morning; scooping him up in her arms Vicki gave him a warm bath and as he struggled to his feet she fell in love and knew he would help lift community spirits.

People from all over the world came to visit this friendly feline, many would later send Dewey gifts in the mail and send well wishes. He stared in a documentary entitled: Puss In Books and is now having a movie made after him.

His favourite activities were riding around on the book trolley while the librarians re-shelved them. Watch the typewriters and when technology advanced, sit on top of computer monitors. He would go and rub up against every child in storytime and then settle on a lap. A different one each week, Vicki Myron points out.

Over the years Dewey gave his love and care to everyone; but most to the people who needed it. Now in a new book; Dewey’s Nine Lives, Vicki Myron along with Bret Witter share two move Dewey stories along with stories of amazing cats from people who wrote to Vicki and share the thing she likes to call ‘Dewey Magic’.

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Sadly, Dewey died on November 26th 2006 – 11 days after his 19th birthday. He died in the arms of his loving friend, Vicki Myron after suffering complications from stomach cancer surgery.

Nearing the end of my first year of the course I know that a librarian is want I want to be. Dewey’s Nine Lives is a book about love, hope, inspiration and memories of a cat that inspired the world. If you want to know more about Dewey’s story then go buy or better yet lent from a library: Dewey: T he Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron. Dewey may be gone but his spirit lives on and the magic continues.

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