Lightbulb: a word on creativity

I was once asked where do I get all my ideas from? Why do all these ‘funny’ experiences happen to me and not them? How can I have all these jokes just come out of me like a verbal tsunami and their’s will conjure nothing more than a ripple? When will they get their light-bulb moment?

Truth – ideas come from my brain, ‘funny’ experiences happen because I am taking an active part in the world and because I am a right-sided brain person my creativity is switch on 24/7 and I can make connections, where once there were none.  As for that light-bulb moment; well that is a myth, what may seem on the outside as a moment has most likely been weeks or months of slave labor over a joke or having a creative burst by being influenced by multiple experiences and my over mood at the conception of the idea for a show or joke.

Just because I have a fresh supply of material doesn’t mean that I don’t have to shovel our the fresh pile of shit that builds there as well. I still have my weak moments of doubt, wondering whether it is all worth it, or whether I should just pack it in – that is part of the job description when you sign up to this profession.

They told me that comedy scares them – and that is why they have stopped doing it. Comedy terrifies me, but what terrifies me more is thinking that I will never preform again. That is why I keep preforming because I never know when my next gig is. If comedy didn’t scare me than there would be no point in doing it.  If one doesn’t have nerves when they walk out on stage what’s the point of doing it? Nerves give us that zing and trepidation that let us know what we are doing might be worth hearing.

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