Jim Henson’s Rainbow Connection

Today marks 22 years since the wonderful. magical Jim Henson left us.

I was only 2 years old when he passed away yet I am aware now of the influence Jim had on my life.

I grew up; like any 90’s Australian kid growing up on my healthy dose of Sesame Street. For me, it was the classic days of teaching kids manners and I have been told by my parents that were my favorite people where Bert and Ernie…. this makes me laugh because even from a young age I could have been considered a fag hag.

A side project for Jim Henson was The Storyteller – I remember this series with great love and affection. The old storyteller by the fire, with his fingerless gloves and his life-like dog. Even though these stories terrified me as a youngen, Hans My Hedgehog and The Solider and Death were my favorites.

The Sinclair family; Charlene, Fran, Baby, Earl, Robbie, and Fran’s mother Ethyl

Then came my obsession with Dinosaurs and along the same was the TV show broadcast dates between 1992 – 1995. My favorite character was Robbie. The cool spunk of the group.

Most recently since the new Muppet Movie came out I have once again gone back to Henson. This time I am watching for the first time The Muppet Show and what BRILLIANCE that is.

Even though I don’t know half of the guests it still doesn’t stop me from laughing out loud at the gags and humor these delightful characters bring.

My favorite Muppet is Gonzo because I identify with the ‘weirdo’ trait and when I was in hospital there where some pictures painted on the walls and the one painted above my cot was him, although that doesn’t stop me from loving Kermit too… but than again who doesn’t.

However whenever I think of The Muppets there is only one song that sums it up for “…. the lovers, the dreamers and me…


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