I’ve Moved To Logseq

Way back in the day when I was first looking into Personal Knowledge Management the two most popular apps on the market were Roam Research and Obsidian. I was attracted to the way Roam was set up, the daily log/journal which would allow for intentional journaling but also a record of what notes I made on what day.

There was one catch though – the price.

As someone who has other subscriptions – the cost of $15 ($20 AU) was to steep for me. Because of this, I went with Obsidian and up until now, it worked great.

Up until recently, I have had some friction.

My daily journals were crowding up my graph (I know I could change it but didn’t know at the time). It started when I took my journal out of Obsidian and into Evernote. That was better and for about 2 weeks it worked. However, using two apps was clunky for me, as I like to keep track of when I had thoughts.

About a week ago – I discovered Logseq and it changed everything for me.

It started with just doing a few daily entries recording my thoughts and I was going to leave it at that. As I had just organised my entire Obsidian vault. Then I woke up one morning and it was announced the Readwise plugin had been released.

This was a gamechanger for me.

Readwise Implementation In Obsidian

Though I have to sync it – I had to go through each file and assign it a tag – having had trouble – I have lost count of the days that I have had to do this.

Readwise Implementation In Logseq

With the power of properties, I can automatically have my highlights sorted. This is done by using the tags that are used in Readwise, which are brought over to Logseq. All I have to do is categorise them in the Readwise App, and if I have to resync the files from scratch again – I am not having to do each file manually.


The above parts of this post were written a month ago, from here on out – it is written on the day it was published.

I have found my PKM home.

Tomorrow marks one month and I have loved every moment of it.

What has developed is a slight bug with the Readwise app. Though it is annoying, it will hopefully be fixed soon and I am currently going back and forth via email with support.

While moving over – I also had a realisation that I had been not really zettelkasting as I thought I was. Thanks to some videos I found of people who use Logseq I managed to set my Logseq better then I had my Obsidian. I also used some Roam Research videos and just applied what they did to Logseq.

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