How to work with Logseq Sync over 2 laptops

Recently, because of laptop upgrades, I came into possession of a second laptop. As someone who is going to attend uni, and uses a laptop every day, this has allowed me to set up a few things. For the rest of this article, I will refer to my main laptop as Ernie, and my newly gained one, Bert.

Ernie is what I call my study laptop. I connected him to the power and also connected a 2nd screen. This allows me extra space to display stuff while I work. Ernie has a 237GB SSD and allows me to do 99% of my work. However; there are some big programs that I will use that will slow down the system.

This is where Bert steps in. At 528GB SSD, Bert has more space to install and use some of the larger programs. For me, I have Dragon Naturally Speaking and for a subject I have to have Adobe Creative Suite. Bert will handle the load without slowing down my system.

Of course, as part of my system, I will use will use Logseq on Ernie and Bert. But this poses a problem. When I was thinking about how I would set it up, the Readwise Plugin presented a problem.

The problem wasn’t with the plugin itself — more so the installation and connection when you have more than 1 laptop. To be clear I have asked both the Readwise and Logseq teams about my issue. They have not responded yet, but I have worked out a workaround until a solution is codded out.

The problem stems from the fact that, unlike Obsidian Sync, Logseq only syncs files. To be fair, it is still in beta and this is totally understandable, but in the meantime, a solution needs to be workable.

My workaround was simple. Sync everything just like you would for mobile or iPad/tablet. Once fully synced, install your plugins and themes – all except Readwise Sync. My theory of how the Readwise Plugin syncs comes from some early trial-and-error problems I have. Your graph connects to Logseq. Once connected, you cannot connect it to a second account. Because the plugins do not sync – Readwise would not recognise the graph as being the same graph. This means that you would end up doubling up on your pages.

By keeping the graph connection to Readwise on Ernie, even though I cannot start a sync – I still get the benefit of having all my highlights. As I mainly sync my highlights once a week, this is fine for me. 

Hopefully in the future I will be able to sync everything similar to how Obsidian does it. For now though, it is a workaround that doesn’t disrupt my flow and keeps everything in sync.

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