Homicide: Oh How I Love Thee

Currently I am watching Disc 3 of Season 1 – Homicide: Life On The Streets and I am in love.

I am going on this phrase of going in search of “good” and “classic” shows with taken advice from Facebook posts of Comics and Friends that are into either old comic or old drama/crime shows.

This is how I became aware and started watching Homicide… I also found out that American comedian Richard Belzer (who I know from Law and Order).

This TV show tells of the Baltimore Police Department homicide unit and is based off the book; Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by Baltimore Sun reporter David Simon.

Within the first 5 minutes there are such things you do not see in TV shows of today – racism, smoking indoors, swearing and actual acting talent! This show has a plot you can follow and believability.

Considering that series 1 premiered in 1993 I feel this is taking a giant leap in TV screens.

With it being a mixed-raced cast and Yaphet Kotto as Lieutenant Al Giardello was at the time, I am guessing a huge achievement for African-American audiences. Not to mention also that Andre Braugher was also in the main cast.

Wikipeda says that:

“…Homicide was noteworthy amongst network TV shows in its multi-dimensional depictions of various African Americans throughout the show. While not specifically an African-American-themed show, it was set in majority African-American Baltimore, Maryland and would naturally display various issues and characteristics of the city’s African-American community. Homicide managed to cross several racial barriers that were not crossed on previous television series, and portrayed by and large a more progressive depiction of African-American characters than other previous television series. The show was commended at several award ceremonies themed to African-American cinema…”

So far I have identified with Melissa Leo’s character; Kay Howard, her detective partner Beau Felton as well as the central character from both the series and the books; John Munch.

Even though the series are clearly split – in reality season one and two were packed onto one DVD so after Season 1 when we refer to Season 2 DVD we actually mean Season 3 and so on… don’t ask me to explain it again – I am confused as it is.

I have just watched the scene with the Electrolite Nutron Magnetic Test – BRIALLIANCE!

If you haven’t watched Homicide I encourage you to go out and find a copy and watch it.

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