GitHub: I Finally Git It

GitHub has always been one of those places that I have looked at and wanted to be a part of. Throughout the years, I have had a basic understanding of code. I learned a bit about it in high school. However; when I went through my VCE (the final 2 years of education) I was faced with a decision. I could either do Information Technology or Information Systems. Once focused on the applications that run on the computer, the other focused on creating computer systems. I took the former. I do not regret it – I just wish that I could have had more coding in my reach.

I had a bit of programming and coding scattered throughout high school – but never a dedicated class.

In the early days of social media, back in 2008, I taught myself how to edit those premade profiles. I was able to grasp the basics of HTML that I was able to manage. It wasn’t till I got into Obsidian that I then understood and learnt Markdown.

Photo by Richy Great on Unsplash

I have watched people like Bryan Jenks for years, talking about his programming experience. I tried to set up my digital garden originally through GitHub, but got frustrated with it and instead paid for Obsidian Publish for a year.

As the pandemic has gone on, as with everyone, I am watching where my money goes. So, if there was an easier way to do it, I would. This is when I decided over the weekend that I would take another stab at trying to use GitHub and create my digital garden. I followed the steps with this video by Prakash Joshi Pax and got it set up relatively quickly.

With that relatively easy – I came up against a problem of finding it hard to get pages to link. So, I sent out the question to a few forums and discords before leaving it for the day.

The following morning I woke up to radio silence, then a member of the discord I posted too got back to me. After a bit of pinging-and-dming, we finally figured it out. It was a coding problem. Now, with that all sorted, I plan to create a system and routine to keep things sorted.

I was originally only going to put my Readwise highlights on there, but I have decided to post everything. Keep in mind that my garden will be a constant work in progress – so it is going to be a bit messy.

I will do another post about my garden, and properly launch it – but if you wanted to look around in the meantime, you can find it at Tansy’s Terrarium.

I am so happy that I finally git-it!

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