Fred Made Me Cry

It is very rare that I will cry at the end of a movie. When I do cry it is because I usually see some part of myself that I have been denying for a while and it took a movie too bring it to light. I can usually separate it in my mind they they are actors playing a part – but this character that was making tears well was an imaginary friend.

My cousin introduced me to Drop Dead Fred and I have loved that movie my entire life but didn’t realize until recently that it was Rik who played Drop Dead Fred.

I have just finished watching Drop Dead Fred again and am not afraid to say that it made me cry. It was in a good way but it made me remember back to when I was a child and I created my own Drop Dead Fred that kept me company and in heindsight I could have done with him this year during comedy festival.

Because I go to a lot of stuff on my own I perked myself up by saying that Drop Dead Fred was my date. I am fully aware I am 25 and this might seem sad but it is amusing for myself and my friends who get the joke.

This is a beautiful movie and one of my favourites. If you haven’t seen it the movie tells the tale of a woman called Elizabeth who is left by her cheating husband and is forced to move back in with her mother. She finds the Jack In the Box in which is Fred’s prision – when she releases him it is up to Fred to help remind Elizabeth had inside her all along.

I think I need to recreate my Fred – at least for a while.

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