Disabled In Higher Ed

It was a few days ago that I discovered that it was Disabled Empowerment in Higher Education Month on Twitter. I discovered that this was a celebration of disabled people in higher education. Making it more accessible and visible to the wider-world.

Over the next month conversations will be held all over Twitter using the hashtag #DEHEM21. There currently is a roll call for people and below is the sechedule for the month.

My experiences with higher education and disability

Over the years my experience has gone from absolutely disgusting to much better. Starting in Year 12, the careers teacher told me not to even try for university because it would be too hard, then, when my mum had to fight my school so I could get to use a laptop in exams. Then when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do I was told, “No one will want to work with someone with a disability”. By the time I thought that even higher education (talking undergradurate as I hold two Diplomas) was possible, it was too late.

Even though I like the “idea” of studying there are two problems with that: I don’t know what to study and I am very prone to going down rabbit holes. So – I have made the decision that I will use my interest to fuel my non-fiction writing. Whether it be my current project or an article with references I want to cite. Also, just for general interest and make notes that become part of my zettelkasten.

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