All That Remain Are Memories

So it is Tuesday – 8.03am I am showered, have a cup of tea and listening to Triple J – what a nice way to ease back into reality? Not really but what can you do.

For those of you still in hibernation, the 25th Melbourne International Comedy Festival ended on Sunday so there goes my fantasy bubble for another year. Unlike last year when I was sad to see it go, this year I am so happy that it has ended as I managed to keep up physically and mentally but if it was one more day, I’d collapse from the excitement it has brought me.

I know I promised to have regular updates but as one day meshed into another I knew it would be impossible to update each night of my happenings during the day. So I will give you a round up. Last year I managed 65 shows, however I saw Sammy J x5 times… this year I saw 70 shows and saw Sammy J x2 and Fear of a Brown Planet x2 so I did pretty good… or as my best friend put it OMG!

My highalights this year would have to be The Bloke’s Guide to Getting Married, Eddie Perfect, Lords of Luxury, Talking Poofy, Dave Quirk, Tommy Little, Toby Halligan, Swamp Juice, Joel Salom, Dead Cat Bounce, Sammy J and Francesca Martinez…. however I enjoyed ALL OF THE SHOWS.

As well as seeing shows this is some cool side stuff that happened:

  • Shared the stage with the Scared Weird Little Guys
  • Wasn’t put on door list for Karl Chandler and when he saw me the reaction was, ” Oh fuck.”
  • Was the FagHag one night for Talking Poofy
  • Scored a free ticket to Tom Gleeson
  • Brought a painting
  • Discovered Max Brenner
  • Made friends with ushers
  • Assisted with the taking down of posters in Town Hall (in the darkness)
  • Started a hunt for Thatt Panda
  • Discovered BREIFS
  • Is now know as Glandular to The Lords of Luxury and shared a stage with two of them for a sketch
  • Shared a MICF end drink with Zack Adams

I had so much fun and can’t wait for next year – till then my usual blogs will continue; I might do some feature artists stuff over the next few weeks.

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