Accepting Compliments

As a comedian we all know that there are those types of gigs that we love and those we hate. We get compliments all the time; constructive criticism and the compliments that make you remember why you are doing this.

Then there are those gigs like tonight – you do a show that is about the challenging subjects in life called Darkness and Light. There were three comics as well as an MC…. we all did well however what I want to talk about this in the context of accepting compliments.

People are humans and humans are known beings to reject compliments because we believe that we are not good enough. I wrote a letter to my disability telling it to f… off. However I got this when I walked out; “….really emotionally moving”, “…. it sent shivers up my spine….” “…really enjoyed it…” and “…. made me put my life in perspective….”

It is only recently that I have gotten over the “I’m not that good, you are just saying that…” phrase however tonight it came back. The theme of the night was talking about the tough issues and putting a funny spin on it. Those people who saw it, even though there was an audience of six was really amazing. In my eyes I just got up and read a letter…. I didn’t do anything different and yet that happens.

These are the gigs I love and remind me why I want to preform, it is amazing and feels me with joy and want to conquer the world!

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