A Tale Of To Do Lists

Over the years I have changed to do apps, trying to find the right one. I have always come back to Todoist (where I am now) and I realised something this time. I needed to create a Todoist setup that would suit me.

Being in the productivity space, you see new setups all the time. For a long time, I would set it up like theirs and although I would get things done – it didn’t feel right.

One of the last setups I had was similar to GTD. The more I used it – the more friction began to seep into my system. Over the past months, I have tried various to-do lists and project management apps. Each time, something didn’t feel right. I tried ClickUp, TickTick (again) and even considered Microsoft To Do. But none fit the bill.

Then I realised something – I don’t need all the tags of location, apps and who it involved. I just needed 3 – 5 specific tags. I needed simplicity.

Because of my disability and medical conditions, I have to manage my energy. No matter how much I want to do all the things – I can’t. I know there are a set number of things that are done on certain days and that is fine. Like everyone – it is those unexpected or extra things that I could do, that I need to figure out what I can do without burning myself out. That is my thinking behind my energy tags. With just one glance I can tell whether I can manage it or not.

The last two tags are more for organising. I organise my projects into areas: Admin, Finances, Logseq, My Furbabies etc… The NDIS tag is mainly so I can group any tasks that are in different project folders. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) allows me to live an independent life, there are different levels of management you can have, for example, agency-managed or self-managed. I am self-managed and so I need to keep track of everything, it is like I am running a small business and claiming all the services I use. Thus why there are different tasks in folders as it is different areas of my life I need help in.

The Alexa tag is just cause I have my Todoist linked to my Alexa account through Amazon. I find it easier to tell Alexa to remind me of something and save me writing than it helps me.

When it comes to priorities they follow what I have set up with the tags. I added a few more because I can sort by priority as well. I also did a no priority and an NDIS filter that uses the tag of the same name to group them as I mentioned before.

Since I changed my todo list up, I have been feeling better and can see it continuing this way for the foreseeable future.

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