• Cat On Billboard

    Cat On Billboard

    Cats were made for the internet… you don’t need facts to explain it. Just ask anyone…

  • Dedicated to Ted

    Dedicated to Ted

    I have come to the realisation, of late, that Ted is much more than a pet.…

  • Writing Companions: Cats

    Writing Companions: Cats

    Many writers have a companion, that keeps them company while they slave away over what pronoun to…

  • I adopted Nellie

    I adopted Nellie

    I never thought I would want kids, I am a strong interdependent woman who doesn’t need……

  • Loving Dewey: From a Librarian’s POV

    Loving Dewey: From a Librarian’s POV

    I; like many others are fans of Dewey, a ginger cat that captured the heart of…

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