Notion describes itself as an all-in-one workplace; giving the user a plan page in which they can build pages, databases, tables, forms and create a online repository of their life.

Since discovering Notion around March 2019, dipping my toes in at first with just planning my annual comedy festival trip. Once back I plunged deep into organising my life.

One of the benefits with Notion is that is allowing me to have a digital knowledge management system. As someone with a disability, having a robust digital tool to organise this is benefit.

In September 2020, I was a guest on Notion Australia #4 talking about how I managed my knowledge management with Dewey Decimal Classification.


Notion Australia #4

Using Notion is like playing lego, you collect the pieces and create something meaningful for you.

At event #4, Ngaire and Tansy chat about how they have been building and customising two different Notion workspace for their personal source of truth.

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