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Why I am leaving Evernote for Notion

Well, this is a very late post as I have already left, hardly touching Evernote in the past 18 months, while being all over Notion. I just thought I would make it official.

With the news that Evernote had realeased their new IOS version, I considered redownloading it, but then I thought, why?

The clipper?

Sure, at the moment the Evernote clipper is better then Notion. However, that will change.

For the last 18 months, I have built up a second brain, as Tiago Forte would call it. I tried PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources and Archives) then transitioned to August Bradley’s PPV (Projects, Pipelines and Vaults). Now, I am onto my third incarnation of organising my knowledge, which came from my library training. The DDC or Dewey Decimal Classification.

I was recently on a Notion Australia event explaining my setup, my part starts at around 45 minutes.

I am a creative person by nature. Although Evernote is great at note-taking, I found myself creating in effect, a giant pile of pages that I wanted to use but there was no way to connect them to the thoughts I had.

Since transferring over, my knowledge has built up. It was hard at first, however, now with the integration Notion has with my kindle, Airr, and Instapaper – my notetaking has intensified.

Now, with the integrations, my use for Evernote has become obsolete. I have got a workaround for webpages, as I just save them to Instapaper and highlight them that way.

I am one of these people who like all there digital information in one place. For what Notion lacks it allows me to excel in other areas of organisation. I have always wanted to keep a Bullet Journal, now through Notion I can.

I keep everything related to my life in there; from appointments to anniversaries, to do lists to bucket lists and health related maters.

Even with the new updates of Evernote due over the next few months, I don’t think I will go back. The more I think about it – Notion handed me a tool and said, ‘have fun’. The creativity and flexibility alone has made it the best and most unique tool I have used in a long time.

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