Windows 10 – A Missed Marketing Oppitunity

After 3 phone calls to Microsoft, 2 remote accessing of computers and 1 upgrade I am here – Windows 10. First thoughts are that I love it, as someone who uses applications on her phone and tablet I have been wanting something for my laptop for a while; and that the workspace is easier for me to manage, as I work in snap-screens a lot of the time.

It has just dawned on me that with Microsoft missed a huge marketing aspect with the ‘free upgrade’… cyberman. Now cybermen___upgrade_now_by_tibotsthat I and quite a few thousand (maybe million) people have now installed the upgrade, does that mean that we are now Humans 2.0?

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction tv show and if they had one cyberman do a voiceover, they would have confirmed the upgrade in an instant.

Even though Hey, Cortana isn’t available in Australia (hopefully it will be) there are features that I am loving:

  • Apps – As mentioned, all the apps I can install for enhanced working capabilities/updating me on recent news/issues
  • The Start Menu – It can evolve to suit my preferences and has added features like the weather and an email app that actually works with gmail
  • Task Switcher – Easier access to all the windows you have open
  • Snap Assist – Make windows snap to each side of your screen and it being intelligent to know, you will want to snap a window on the opposite side

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