50 Shades of Gay

Last week the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states of America, and although last month a bill to get gay marriage was abandoned by Labor it was announced today that Coalition MPs Warren Entsch and Teresa Gambaro will co-sponsor a private members bill, which will be seconded by Labor backbencher Terri Butler.

Along with the Coalition MP’s the bill will be supported by  Labor MP Laurie Ferguson, Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Cathy McGowan and Andrew Wilkie.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tried to discourage support for the bill by saying that these bills rarely get to go to a vote in the Parliament. Tony has been known to call marriage equality the ‘fashion of the moment’, although he denied saying it later. He said that, ‘The normal processes will be followed.’ However he was more committed to getting on with the job that they were elected to do.

With the latest vote in America, Tony affirmed that Australia doesn’t do everything America does – which is true. What annoys me is that Australia is meant to be a forward moving country and when Tony says that we won’t do everything he forgets that we jumped when America said let’s invade a country that had not threatened us in the first place.

Responses to the Supreme Court ruling have been as colourful as the rainbow flag that represents its community. Ted Cruz, Senator for Texas (who is running as a presidential candidate) said, ‘Today is some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.’ While a news anchor thought that the vote meant that poligomy was now legalised. One of the most memorable quotes came from one of the four judges that said ‘no’, Justice Scalia said that the ruling was ‘absurd’ ‘…interpretive jiggery-pokery…’. The supporters of the bill took to the streets waving flags and declaring their love for their partners. The celebration spread to social media with profile pictures being changed to have a rainbow transparent layer.

Liberal MP Eric Abetz has said that not only will this bill, if passed, will open up pandoras box and that Australia shouldn’t legalise gay marriage because Asia hasn’t.

Next month there are Marriage Equality rallies happening around the country. I hope that with this rally and the bill that some of the politicians realise that enough is enough.

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