I is for iPhone Applications

is for iPhone Applications.

Well I say iPhone, but this could apply to any smartphone device – I just have an iPhone.

As the world is going global and you can now go mobile with your work, having a phone is vital to being productive and available. There are hundreds of apps that work with being productive and social media sites. Here are the apps that I believe make me more productive and also integrate with other apps that I use.



You may be a bit apprehensive about storing your passwords LastPassButton512x512online but LastPass make it easy. You create an account and login, then every time you want to add to add a password you can easily do so. There is no need to worry about hacking as your username and password are encrypted apart. When you use a particular password, Last Pass will bring them together and let you sign in.


Sunrise Calendar

3155373e5dcdcbf2b0b9b6cae9f7e885If you don’t find the right calendar app it can dramatically decrease your productivity and efficiency with tasks. Sunrise Calendar intergrates with multiple services you can have all your information in one place. Among a lot of things you can keep track of Facebook invites, to do’s in multiple apps and the big benefit for me, Evernote.



There are many to-do apps available for you to choose from and of all of them, ToDoist is the best one I have found. This app supports personal and team based projects, and while you get extra features with a paid version – I have found that the free version works great. A bonus is that it is also compatible with my next tool.



imagesI wouldn’t describe this as a productivity app but instead a service application, the reason it is on the list then is that what it does. IFTTT stands for: If this then that, and when you join up and link your accounts you can set automatic tasks (called recipes) to happen. For example, I have a recipe set up that when I post on this blog it is automatically sent to my Twitter and Facebook Page.

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