It is my firm belief that you are never to old for The Muppets, you are also never too young to begin your love of them. It is in fact Miss Piggy, who I credit with planting the feminist seed of not taking shit.

Miss Piggy, if you are unaware is Muppet Pig who debuted on The Muppet Show on 13th October, 1974, originally a minor character, she gradually developed into a central force of nature to be reckoned with. Her character developed from a one-joke running gag. She was part of two sketches ‘Veterinarian Hospital’ and ‘Pigs in Space.’

The character was performed til 2000 by Frank Oz, since than Eric Jacobson has been her handler.

Miss Piggy’s independent nature could maybe be attributed to the fact that as a piglet she saw her father being unfaithful; while her mother had too many piglets to develop the life she wanted. Miss Piggy was determined not to let that happen to her so she moved to the city. Life wasn’t easy to start with as she would take what she could get in the job market, her job was walking the sandwich board of a barbecue stand. After getting sick of that she entered a beauty contest under the name of Laverne, and won. This earned Miss Piggy her big break when she scored a TV commercial advertising bacon. This didn’t last long either as she moved on to become  mascot place for Pigskin Parade, a local TV sportscast, and then she moved onto The Muppet Show, where she has remained.

Her feminine ways have been admired and demeaned, yet it is Miss Piggy who stands up as a feminist that makes me love her so much.


#1 She doesn’t take crap

Whether it be her long-suffering, on-again off-again beau Kermit the Frog, one of the other Muppets or even the weeks guest, if you disrespect her she will let you know with a healthy slice of violence.



#2  You are unique. Embrace it and stand out

‘I am a pig, and as a pig, I have always stood out.’ – Miss Piggy.

I know I am a bit weird, a bit geeky – I love puppets, Doctor Who and unusual facts. Because of my disability I look and do things differently. I have learned that this is me, I am not apologising for liking the things I like.


#3 Live Confidently

‘This, you see, is my ultimate ambition – to live a simple life with the frog I love.’ – Miss Piggy.

I am 28 this year, I have never had a boyfriend and don’t care if I ever do. I own a cat, live where I grew up and couldn’t be happier. My ultimate ambition in life is to be happy and content with what is happening and what I am doing in my life.


#4 Embrace you inner fashionista 

Be stylish. Miss Piggy has to be the stylist pig I know. Whatever she wears, she does it with confidence and class. Whether it be a satin gown or a perm, Miss Piggy managed to rock the looks of the era. Whether it be recreating scenes of Marilyn Munroe, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and others – she pulls off the looks with style.


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