For the past 28 years, Australian’s have tuned into At The Movies, whether it be first on SBS and for the last decade on the ABC. Although we may have said it was for the reviews, really we all know it was for the chemestry between Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, and their frequent disagreements about ratings. It was earlier this year when the pair broke the news.

Upon the move to the ABC, it should be noted that only six films have been privlidged to recieve 5-stars from these two. They are:

The ABC have done a wonderful job of looking at 1925 of their reviews and finding their average rating for each genre, have a look here – it is a laugh.

Overall, a stellar cast, for what was at times trying but overall enjoyable performance. While this show was for the lovers of movies, I do not see why there should be anyone who shouldn’t have got something out of it.

I give it five stars!

from ACMI blog

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