2015: A Study in Shelley.

Next year I have dubbed A Study in Shelley, which is where I will take on the Romantic Period’s power couple – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly and Percy Byssche Shelley. Barry Pierce’s – Year of Dickens I have chosen my own take on this challenge as I want to read more and being out of structured education for the first time, I need to set myself projects.

 The way I entend to go about this project is to read Mary Shelly’s bibliography in order, criticing all the books with one video and one post. Depending on how much of Percy I read, I may combine three or four poems or prose into one video and one post.

The books of Mary’s, I want to cover are:

  • Frankenstein
  • Valperga
  • The Last Man
  • The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck
  • Lodore
  • Falkner: A Novel
  • Mathilda and Other Stores

Percy’s Poems and Essays include:

  • A Wondering Jew
  • The Necessity of Atheism
  • Ozymandias 
  • Ode to the West Wind 
  • To a Skylark
  • The Masque of Anarchy
  • On Love
  • On Life
  • On Friendship
  • On Frankenstein 

I also want to to look at what context in which they were written in, as that will help me understand the material more deeply and therefore enjoy it more and appreciate its qualities as a writer.

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