Why My Professional Writing and Editing Course Has Turned Into A Self-Pace Literature Course

While I would love to study literature at university I will most likely never get too, for multiple

reasons. Coincidentally however, my writing course has tuned into a pseudo literature class by actively pursuing authors that my lectures suggest. I have learned that to be a better writer, you need to be a well read reader. Though the course only lasts a year, I have developed my literature taste-buds and have a craving for classic novels. Through the process I am discovering writers that are writing in the areas that I want to write in and on the topics that I find interesting. There are other writers, that I may not want to write stories like they do write, I know that I will become a better writer by reading them.

I am of the opinion that if you didn’t study the classics in school, or your parents weren’t readers of classic novels then you will most likely will encounter them later in your twenties. I am saying this as a generalisation, knowing there are exceptions and that I am basing this on what I have read and my reading habits of the last six months.

Next year I am taking a break from study, moving into work and thus am dubbing the rest of this year and next year as my Classic Adventure. It is here that I intend to read the classics and write an essay or review analysing the novel in the wider context.

I have a permanent page here, where you can keep an eye on my progress and feel free to make suggestions.


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