An Australian Bloggers Facebook group that I am apart of just posted the latest post in a blog hop about why they write. Asking what you needed to do to participate and the answer coming within seconds I present my answers.

What am I currently working on?
It is coming up near the end of the semester for me (writing course) so I am getting the last of my assignments in, which include a short story, nonfiction piece, literature essay on shakespeare, retelling Rumplestiltskin in different genres and a editing assignment on the five stages of health.

Aside from that – trying to start my memoir as well as feature articles and researching asylums for a historical fiction novel idea.

With the death of Rik Mayall last week, I whipped up a memorial post for an online comedy magazine (see it on published in) last week.

Currently, I am waiting on feedback on a piece about Nellie Bly and am reading two books that I have relieved for review. Both comic memoirs and friends of mine.

How does my writing differ from others in this genre?
Well that is a huge scope for me, as I write in multiple genres. I guess my writing differs because I can bring a unique perspective given my insight into some issues, or the keen interest to learn anything I can about it.

I adore research, so I guess that is why nonfiction suits me.

Why do I write what I do?
My mother always could articulate herself better in written than verbal form and I follow suit. I write because I enjoy it. It is an activity that allows me to exercise my mind and that I can achieve at by getting stuff published in different areas and sites.  

How does my writing process work?
I write what interests me. I write what I feel passionate about. Usually I get an idea, and add it to the list with a link to the initial source that sparked the idea. As stated about I love research, so writing usually begins with research if it requires it. If it doesn’t than I just sit at my laptop, fresh cup of tea sitting on the table and I begin.

I have seemed to have created a habit of writing the article before going back and writing the first paragraph last. It just seems easier to write what the article is about after I have the article there in front of me.

As part of this blog hop I am to name three writers that I would love to see their answers to these questions. I would love to see these people:

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