The Library of Unrequited Love

New Year, new book review. I finished this slender 90 page monologue in one sitting (taking breaks to make more tea). I was put onto this book by justkissmyfrog, who I watch on YouTube. Being a trained librarian and this being described as just a monologue I wanted to read it.

Quite a few of the reviews have described the librarian, who is nameless, as a pain and

whinny. However; I would like to come to her defense. Arriving early one morning to work, she discovers a patron has been in the building all night. Thinking only of herself she begins to prattle off her woes and annoyances as she puts books back in the right place and describes her dis-likening of children. Honestly; this is exactly what it is like, you are annoyed at children (unless you are a children’s librarian and if you are one of them and dislike children this is just unfortunate), you are frustrated by patrons that do not regard books as the precious gems you do, and to amuse yourself you do start reciting the dewey decimal system.

I identified with the lead character all the way, as a performer I want to do this monologue, or something based on this book one day.

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