N.P.O.F.P by Jon Stewart

Finally after a drought of non-reading for a few months because of living in mayhem I have nearly finished a book, and I am so happy.

Naked Pictures Of Famous People by Jon Stewart is not pictures of famous people naked, it is a series of nineteen essays by the host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Topics range from Christmas with the Hanson’s and pages from Da Vinci’s lost notebook. Personal favourites for me would have to include ‘Martha Stewart’s Vagina’ along with ‘The Last Supper, or The Dead Waiter’, ‘Vincent and Theo on AOL’ and finally ‘Adolf Hitler: The Larry King Interview’.

I love these kind of books; you get short snippets of their writing style on a variety of topics. The essays are quick-witted and it is described by Entertainment Weekly as being “on a par with Woody Allen’s Without Feather’s…”

If you are not sure about whether to read the book there are a lot similar to this one written by comedians. Some of the ones I have read and enjoyed are Survival of the Dumbest by Wil Anderson, It Wasn’t Me by Chris Addison, The Forgetting of Wisdom by Paul McDermott and Paperweight by Stephen Fry.

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