The Life of a Headless Chicken

So I know I have NEGLECTED the hell out of this website the last few months, but that was because I had to focus on my show and MICF… now that is officially done I can sit back and focus on my writing and reading again, which I have missed.

However lets take a look back…..

Over the festival that was a total of 26 days I saw 53 shows, preformed 6 shows….. spent a week in the city and ended the festival dancing till 4am.

As I have always said in the past ‘The Month of Festival’ is my favourite time of year and even though at the end of it I most likely am sick…. that is ok as I have had the most amazing month. The comedy industry is just like any other group of people with a common interest but there isn’t much of the ego stuff that happens and when it does happen comics usually tell the people who say this stuff to bugger off.

Truth is whether the comic be a character comic, musical comedian, sketch group, talk, political, cabaret  duo or theatre/memoir – we are all comics and together share the same understanding of the comedic timing and joy of laughter.

Keep an eye out for my pics of the festival…. my awards as it were.

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