Are you one of those people that yells at the news? Are you one of those people who know not to believe everything you read? Are you one of those people who would rather throw a trashy magazine in a bin, fill the bin with petrol and then light it on fire? If you answered yes; to at least one of these questions then Ryan Holiday’s book would interest you.

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator is a book from the inside about what and how bloggers manipulate the news to drive more traffic to their page.

Where do I begin with this book? To be honeest I am not sure; all I can say is for me – an Australian who is fan of the ad disecton show The Gruen Transfer, this book was a fantastic, insightful read. Even though I am not a journalist I like to know that the resources that my news is coming from somewhat reliable sources…. although most of the time they aren’t.

Holiday goes through how blogs work breaking down the nine tactics bloggers use to get hits, he then he goes into what the blogs actually mean and even shows the manipulation to Australian Wikileaks Founder when he was arseted.

By writing this blog doing a review on a book about blogs then have I become one of them?

Anyway you should read this book, it makes you think and reexamine the news you see,

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