Riverwalker by Bud Bradshaw excerpt

An excerpt from Riverwalker by Bud Bradshaw.

“…While the physical bulk of the Tablet was hand-carved from pure jade, the overall concept reflected an amalgamation of symbols.  Bordered in solid gold, this Tablet’s surface was inscribed with glyphs, iconic figures – both human and godlike, representing the Aztec and Nordic pantheons – two alphabets, including the Nordic futhark, symbols for male and female, Arabic numbers and groups of dots inlaid in red, white, black, and yellow shell. Situated at the top center of the Tablet was a peculiar, black, two-headed bird, a bizarre fusion of classic European design and the national eagle and serpent of Mexico.  At the Tablet’s bottom center, a skeletal Death’s Head.  A perfect synthesis of two worlds.  Adler’s mother and father would be so proud.” (RIVERWALKER, Ch. 20: “Lair”)

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