Review: Comedy World Cup

Thanks to a friend of mine in England who went to the first taping of this show I was made aware of it this morning and rejoyced that it had finally been created. A panel show where all pannelists are comedians and the subject of knowledge: The History of Comedy….. as an added bonus it is hosted by David Tennant.

I have wanted a show like this to happen for years; whether it be in Australia or England I didn’t really care. I just wanted it and this morning was excited to watch episode one.

Now I will prefece this review by saying that all ‘first episodes’ no matter what the format but espically for game shows are for laying the ground work that may at first glance appear ruff but over subquential episodes the creases get ironed out.

This show is not an exception as I could clearly see that there were a few kinks however as a whole I enjoyed it a lot and cannot wait till next week.

The games aren’t necessarily unique however because I am a comedian I enjoy this a bit more then say the usual comedy viewer.

This show would appeal to anyone who is  a fan of panel shows and/or who likes looking at David Tennant. The subject matter however would make any comedy nerd giggle with laughter and be admitted to hospital with a severe case of nerdbumps.

Can’t wait for next week.

Screenshot captured by me

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