When I was little I loved dinosaurs; espically Triceratops – who was my favourite. Now at 24 years old I still love dinosaurs and I adore Doctor Who; so to have them both in the same show was to die for.

Upon the contemplacey of reading mixed reviews of Aslyum of the Daleks I was aware that usually the second episode is a let down.

However this is NOT the case with Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

In one word – mind-twistingly brilliant.

The plot centre’s around a spaceship with dinosaurs on it and The Doctor must stop it being hit by misiles.

What this episode is; aside from that is a full-deck of playing cards of The Doctor’s emotions; exictment, fear, pain, knowledge and of course my favourite “…you just killed somebody I liked…. now I am pissed….” emotion which although this is a very dark emotion of The Doctor it also means that the reason why they may have choose Matt Smith to be Eleven is about to take center stage.

I squealed like a fangirl and comic when he used the phrase “Comedy Gold.” Matt Smith – You have won my heart.

I am fully aware that it is only two episodes in but I am calling it now – Best Episode of Series Seven.

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