New Introduction for fellow Readies

This is taken from The Book Vixen; no copyright is intended however I have been wanting to do a new intro post about my particulars when it comes to books and reading, so without no further ado….

For those of you who do not know – I am Tansy, ore Library Geek Girl as I have become known on the net as well as many other names, good and bad. I am a library geek because I am training to become a librarian as well as being a huge geek (of comedy, Doctor Who, Sherlock as well as other random stuff).

Are you a paperback reader or digital reader? Up until 1 month ago I hadn’t had or read a book or held an eReader…. now I love Bernard (yes named after Bernard Black from Black Books) which is a Kindle Touch. I am out and about a bit so it is great to be able to carry more than one book around without space being taken up is fantastic.

However I am a fan of the paperback book, which I find it easier to read as they are not as heavy than hardback however I do love both. The only one I am not a fan of is Trade Paperback.

Which author is on your auto-buy list? Gail Carriger and Adam Wallace

Who are you favorite authors? In no particular order:Gail Carriger, Adam Wallace, Suzanne Collins, George R. R. Martin and Derek Landy.

Have you gotten to meet any of them? I am friends with Adam Wallace and will be meeting Derek Landy in Mid-August.

What are your favorite genres to read? Steampunk, dystopian, science fiction and fantasy.

What book took you by surprise? How so? God Save The Queen by Kate Locke. A debut novel that I brought on a whim, based on the cover and ABSOLUTELY adored it.

What do you like to do, apart from reading? Apart from reading – I am a student; studying library and information services, I watch a lot of comedy and go out see it as well as sometimes do it myself, I listen to music and podcasts.

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