Is it just me or does the world of literature seem to be turning towards mass popularity rather than quality? I am not saying that is bad, or that some people would not enjoy it and in fact it might get them reading but I apply the theory ‘just because it is popular doesn’t mean it is any good’. This is why I won’t read the Fifty Shades or Twilight series.

I did attempt to read Twilight but wanted to throw it at the wall after three pages.

I have only recently become a reader of paranormal stuff so I will use my friend, who reads a lot more fantasy than me as a basis, she would not read the books. Her main reasoning being because “VAMPIRE’S DON’T SPARKLE!.”

As you know I am not a huge fan of romance being the main theme of the book; as a side theme sure but not main.


As for Fifty Shades of Grey I read chapter one free off some website and knew if I would read anymore I may not have any teeth left due to all the grittish cringing I would be doing.

This book has been brought up a few times in my library class – my shock was that some of them weren’t sure what it was about, and than when they found out what it is they squirmed in their seats as this is becoming acceptable.

In an age were sex is considered normal at an earlier age and that we are living in a more sexualised world – why is this book seen as taboo? We all accept that men want to go out and read porn mags under the cover so, why is it suddenly shock horror that a woman is reading erotic?

I haven’t even mention that all these women are reading fan fiction – as that is what 50 Shades started out as. Fan fiction.


I looked up the series on my library catalogue and these are the statistics, current at time of post:


Fifty Shades – 22 copies with 61 reserves

Fifty Darker – 12 copies with 6 reserves

Fifty Freed – 14 copies with 3 reserves



Fifty Shades – 4 copies with 5 reserves

Fifty Darker – 4 copies with 1 reserve

Fifty Freed – 4 copeis with no reserves, 3 out on loan currently


Whether you want to read it or not it is up to you – I just won’t be doing it anytime soon I just have one comment, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.


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  1. I fully agree! And I about did throw Twilight to my bedroom wall after reading the first few pages. 🙂 Just sayin. I Free cycled it after I finished it but that's the only thing of the Twilight bandwagon I was a part of. And I'm glad to say that!


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