This debut novel was one of the first ebooks I brought for my new Kindle Touch and since the first page I was hooked. I have been unable to concentrate on another book because I have just been wanting to know what happens in the book.

Book One of the Immortal Empire Series

Blood. Bloomers. Bedlam.

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The Victorian Era never ended. It’s 2012 and her Ensanguined Majesty is still on the throne, the vampire ruler of the British Empire. There are werewolves too. And Goblins. All brought about by mutations caused by the plague.

Xandra Vardan is a half-blood, the daughter of a vampire and a human courtesan. A member of the Royal Guard, she’s supposed to keep the aristocrats (those of plagued blood) safe… Xandra stumbles upon a secret that not only changes her life forever, but just might end it if she’s not careful.

And just what’s going on at Bedlam Asylum for the Insane?

I am in love with the female lead – Xanda, so much so that I WANT to be her. She is sexy, sassy and when her family is in morning  for her sister she trusts her gut and goes sniffing….

The lead male, who takes quite a shine to Xanda is amusing and is loveable as a delightful warewolf called Vex.

For anyone who loves steampunk and mystery this is a winner. If you liked Gail Carriger than I am sure you would like it. I wish that the 2nd book was out sooner – however I know that it will make me want to read it as soon as it arrives in the post.

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